Consumer Screening Tool (CST)

I don’t know much about this screen but it seems to be a fairly useful little tool. If anyone can shed some info on the CST please leave a comment on this post 🙂

Consumer Screening Tool – Community (CST-C) Continue reading

Model of Human Occupation Screening Tool (MoHOST)

The MOHOST is an assessment that addresses the majority of MOHO concepts (volition, habituation, skills, and environment), allowing the therapist to gain an overview of the client’s occupational functioning. Developed in Britain by practitioners, the MOHOST seeks to objectify the information a therapist gathers while screening for occupational therapy services. The MOHOST uses a variety of data collection methods and is flexible enough to be used in a variety of intervention settings. Finally, the MOHOST uses language that enables therapist to communicate findings clearly with clients, their families, and other professionals. Continue reading

Assessment of Occupational Functioning (AOF)

The assessment of occupational functioning (AOF) is a screening tool used to collect a broad range of information to influence a person’s occupational performance and to identify areas needing more in depth evaluation. Continue reading