Occupational Therapy Functional Report Proforma

This Occupational Therapy Functional Report Proforma is something that I designed about 4 years ago for my personal use as I was finding the current proforma’s less then comprehensive. The proforma is based around the Occupational Performance Model of Australia. Its easily modified should the need arise and results from any additional assessments (i.e. cognitive or sensory) can easily be added into it. Continue reading

Sensory Profile Scorer

I love the Sensory Profile. But I found that scoring it and then adding up all the thresholds etc and then written a report using the recommendations laid out in the manual could take up to an hour. Do 8 in a week and you’ve spent a whole day scoring Sensory Profiles. In an inpatient setting where time is precious I thought I could make this process quicker and easier. So this is what I came up with.

Sensory Analysis V2.2