Australian Therapy Outcome Measures for Occupational Therapy (AusTOMs-OT)

Information taken from AusTOMs Homepage

About the AusTOMs
There are three individual AusTOMs kits: one for each of physiotherapy, speech pathology, and occupational therapy professions. The AusTOMs tools in each kit are based on a similar framework, but were developed separately by members of each profession.

AusTOMs-OT Kit

AusTOMs-OT Kit

The AusTOMs scales are based on:

  • The Therapy Outcome Measures (UK TOM- Enderby and John, 1997; Enderby, John and Petherham, 1998);
  • The World Health Organization International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (WHO ICF);
  • The input and feedback of Australian clinicians; and
  • The input and feedback of consumers and advocates. Continue reading