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Occupational Therapy Blog, Reflections on a lifework of occupational therapy
ABC Therapeutics

Advance Outlook: OT

Sian’s Occupational Therapy blog
All Things OT

Ang Therapist – A Blog for connecting Filipino Therapists.

The day to day life of an OT in the US Army
Army OT Guy

Assistive Technology for use in and Education setting
AT 4 Education

Autism and More – Resources for Parents and Teachers
Autism and More

‘Be the Change You Wish to See in the World’

An amazing Blog about Mental Health issues and contemporary  practice
Beauty From Pain

Karen’s Blog about her OT experiences from her starting her degree to her current clinic practicing. The blog formerly known as (B)e(LO)n(G) OT
Days of Our OT Lives

Joanne Brennan, a Physiotherapist (we wont hold that against her) and her blog about Cancer care
Cancer Physio Thinking & Linking…

Parenting tips, fun developmental activities, and crazy moments from the chaotic life of a therapist and mother
Embrace Your Chaos
EmpowerAbility, LLC
A blog about Enabling Access in all different situations
Enabling Access Blog

An opportunity to get an insight into Fiona’s role at the College of Occupational Therapists.
Fiona’s Journey

The Ideas and musings of an OT working in Geriatric care
Geriatric OT

Making occupational therapy more effective through information exchange.
Gosh That’s Neat!

A NZ based blog about Pain Management and OT’s contribution to the field
HealthSkills Weblog

Helen’s personal blog
Helen OTUK

A blog to share hippotherapy ideas, photos,videos, resources and questions with other therapists, families, riders and others interested in using the horse as a treatment tool.
Horse OT

Inclusion is a disability consultation and service provider offering high-quality, cost-effective solutions to employers, businesses and individuals.
Inclusion.me Ltd.

Experiences of a Masters student
Jezzabella’s OT Experiences

Writer, OT, Lecturer, PhD Student!

A forum for parents, teachers and therapists to talk about the issues that confront them daily with helping their children achieve their maximum potential
LD Made Easy

Linda’s thoughts and experiences teaching daily living skills.
Linda’s Daily Living Skills

OT world sensory guru Winnie Dunn’s blog

Living Sensationally

The journey of a Master of Occupational Therapy student
Master of Occupational Therapy – My Student Blog

occupational therapist, occupational scientist, educator, researcher
Matthew Molineux

Tips and tricks for those who care for children
Mama OT

Meditation and Leadership

A Therapists guide to making developmental milestones happen
Milestone Mom

A Blog chronicling the experiences of a Student completing her masters of Occupational Therapy
MOT – Student Blog

A blog about children’s sensory motor development
The Motor Story Blog

Understanding through reflection – or, an OT student trying to make sense of life and studies

Emma Jasmin Spinks: Musings of a Psych Student whos about to begin her MOT next year. excellent student insight into the development of a future MH OT 😉
Musings of a Psych Student

New York State Occupational Therapy Association

An old Blog about OT practice issues and OT in the media
Occupational Therapy – A Blog about OT

A blog about Occupational Therapy and learning, both intra and inter-personal.
Occupational Therapy – educational issues

The purpose of Occupational Therapy in Egypt is to promote and network the profession within the Egypt
Occupational Therapy in Egypt

Originally developed to explore using blogging as a professional development tool. A NZ OT  keen to expand her use of web 2 technologies and to see how they can assist learning.
Occupational Therapy Otago

Inclusion is a disability consultation and service provider offering high-quality, cost-effective solutions to employers, businesses and individuals.
Occupational Therapy | Disability Access Auditing

A Spanish Occupational Therapy Blog
Occupational Therapy the Best


An awesome blog by Gillian Crossley about her transition from being an OT student to the world of clinical OT work and all of her thoughts and reflections along the way.
Occupational Therapy Student to Clinician Transition

A space to explore issues related to occupational therapy education, practice, service, and research.
OT Explorations

Another brilliant blog from the wonderful Claire about her experiences being a wheelchair user
OT on Wheels

A WordPress.com weblog about occupational therapy, education, and stories 
OT Storyteller Website

Canadian MSC OT Student
OT Sweet Pea – My Journey

A blog related to useful OT tools for use in schools
OT Tools for Public Schools

(AOTA) – collection of lots of blogs

A place for occupational therapy and occupational science enthusiasts
OtPod’s Blog

The OT iTool Kit resource – review of apps and resources for OT’s working with children and adults.
OT’s with Apps

First rule of The OT Club is that you don’t talk about The OT Club. Aiming to promote and raise awareness of Occupational Therapy
The OT Club

My journey from service user to professional

Notes from the trenches from a practicing pediatric occupational therapist
Pediatric OT

As the name suggests, this is a blog about tips for pediatric OT’s
Pediatric OT Tips

Notes from the trenches from a practicing pediatric occupational therapist

Pediatric Health and Special Needs
PedSPOT.com Blogsite

OT blog about practice, reasoning and reflection
Practice, Reasoning and Reflection

A blog about using Recycled products for OT interventions
The Recycling Occupational Therapist

Angela’s reflections on aspects of learning and development in her role as an educator, as an occupational therapist and as a student engaged in formal and informal learning.
Reflections on Learning

Salford University Occupational Therapy Education Blog www.frederickroad.blogspot.com.au

Occupational Therapy, art, academia, and more…
Susan Burwash Studios Blog

Anita Hamilton’s occupational therapy blog about the role of online technology in OT education and practice.

An OT that has a strong interest in using recycled products in therapeutic interventions.
The Recycling Occupational Therapist

A blog of fun therapeutic activities and downloadable resources
Therapy Fun Zone

Kate Neilson’s blog about being a 20yr old Newgrad OT
There’s Something About Kate

The blog of the Occupational Therapists at Hosmer School
Thriving in School

Rehabilitative therapy using the Wii by the “Wii OT”

The Official MH4OT Twitter account

A Mental Health OT (Aus)
Brock Cook

Founding members of OT4OT
Anita Hamilton(Aus)
Sarah Burdell(Eng)
Susan Burwash(Can)
Merrolee Penman (NZ)
Karen Jacobs(USA)
Angela Hook (Eng)

Brilliant OT in Pain Management
Bronnie Thompson:  (NZ)

OT looking into the possibilities provided by digital tools and technologies in healthcare.
Claire OT:  (Eng)

Amazing OT with interests in creative writting
Kirsty Styanley: (Eng)

OT and Author of Daily Living Skills Worksheets and Lindas Daily Living Skills Blog
Linda Harrison:  (Can)

Awesome tweeter/blogger and founder of the beautyfrompainblog raising awareness of MH issues
Amanda Stand:

College Of Occupational Therapists Education Manager
Zoe Parker: (Eng)

The Official OT Club Twitter account
The OT Club:

The Official OTalk Occhat account
OTalk Occhat:

Occupational Therapist with specialized training in psychotherapy. Lean towards mindfulness-based interventions.
Mindful 4 Health: (Can)

Newgrad OT passionate about mental health
Clarissa: (UK)

Amazing OT & publisher of Twitters own ‘Occupational Therapists Daily’
Joaquim Faias: (Por)

Official Twitter account of the KAWA Model
KAWA Model:

Official Twitter account of the OT4OT 24hr Virtual Exchange
OT Virtual Exchange:



OT24VX Virtual Exchange

The OTclub