• Balint Society of Australia – is an experiential, small group educational activity in which clinicians discuss cases from their practices with a focus on the clinician-patient relationship.
      • Beyondblue – is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related disorders in Australia.




      • E-hub: E-mental health research and development – e-hub develops and evaluates websites that deliver psycho-education and psychological interventions for common mental health problems, as well as clinical and consumer networking.
      • Exploring Hand Therapy – Information on hand therapy, including product reviews, training videos and links.







      • Kawa (River) Model Research Project – A model of occupational therapy developed by Japanese occupational therapists. Limited content in English but includes list of publications.



      • Mental Health Association NSW
      • Mental Health Assocation Queensland – MHAQ provides quality early intervention mental health services and programs that support the community to make mental health connections, develop mental health literacy and participate in employment as a foundation for recovery
      • Mental Health Coalition of South Australia – The Mental Health Coalition of South Australia is the peak body for the non-government mental health sector in South Australia.
      • Mental Health Council of Australia (MHCA) – The MHCA aims to promote mentally healthy communities, educate Australians on mental health issues, conduct research into mental health issues and reform Australia’s mental health system
      • Mental Health Council of Tasmania – The Mental Health Council of Tasmania (MHCT) is the peak body representing the interests of the community mental health sector in Tasmania including consumer, carer and service provider organisations.
      • Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia – MIFSA is a community based, not for profit organisation delivering a range of programs and services for people affected by mental illness, carers and the community
      • Mental Health Foundation of Victoria (Australia) – The Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria) is an organisation of professionals, sufferers, families of sufferers, related organistations concerned with mental health and concerned members of the public.
      • Mental Health Foundation ACT – The Mental Helath Foundation delivers a number of innovative programs desinged to assist and improve the lives of people living with a mental illness and their carers.
      • Mental Health and Insurance – This website is designed to connect Australians with experience of mental illness and their carers with reliable and accurate information about insurance products and policies, how mental illness impacts on applications and claims processes, consumer rights and responsibilities and avenues for complaints and appeals.
      • Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN) – The Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN) aims to support collaboration in Australia’s primary mental health sector by fostering local interdisciplinary networks of mental health professionals.
      • Mental Health Research Institute – a premier psychiatric research institute in Australia.
      • Mental Health Teaching & Learning Clearinghouse – The Mental Health Teaching and Learning Clearinghouse (MHTLC) is a publically available website where mental health educators can share teaching and learning resources with their colleagues across disciplines and institutions.
      • Model of Human Occupation Clearinghouse – Library of materials and resources on the Model of Human Occupation, with news, research updates and references.
      • Mouse testing and training – Mouse testing and training tools specifically for adaptive mouse users or young children learning to use a mouse. Printable report and links to downloadable training applications.



      • Orygen Youth Australia – Orygen Youth Health (OYH) is a world-leading youth mental health organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. OYH has three main components: a specialised youth mental health clinical service; an internationally renowned research centre; and an integrated training and communications program.
      • OT Australia – Occupational Therapy Australia is the professional association for occupational therapists.
      • OT Seeker – Database of abstracts of systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials relevant to occupational therapy and evidence-based practice.
      • OTDBASE – Searchable database covering all major occupational therapy journals (fees charged).
      • OTdirect – Resources for occupational therapists and assistants in theUK with study notes, job links, training listings.
      • Occupational Therapy Resources – Resources and links relevant to OT in schools.




      • RANZCP – Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry – The principal organisation providing accreditation and representation for the medical specialty of psychiatry in Australia and New Zealand.
      • RACGP – Royal Australian College of General Practitioners – Australia’s largest professional general practice organisation and represents urban and rural general practitioners.
      • Reach Out – A web-based service for young people aged 14-25 that provides information, skills development, support and resources to assist young people to cope with mental health difficulties, manage adversity and find ongoing support in the community.
      • Reach Out Pro – provides information about mental health for health professionals that don’t have a strong mental health background.


      • Sane Australia – A national charity working for a better life for people affected by mental illness – through campaigning, education and research.


      • Therapy Network Seminars – Continuing education for occupational therapy and other rehabilitation fields in theUSA. Specializing in the Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder and CVA complexes.
      • Therapy Resources – Activities and products for therapists to use in a variety of settings.
      • Therapy Weekly -UK weekly interdisciplinary therapy newspaper. Includes job listings and guides to continuing professional development topics




      • Way Ahead Directory – The Way Ahead contains up-to-date information on more than 2000 mental health and welfare related services across NSW, Australia.





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