Australian Therapy Outcome Measures for Occupational Therapy (AusTOMs-OT)

Information taken from AusTOMs Homepage

About the AusTOMs
There are three individual AusTOMs kits: one for each of physiotherapy, speech pathology, and occupational therapy professions. The AusTOMs tools in each kit are based on a similar framework, but were developed separately by members of each profession.

AusTOMs-OT Kit

AusTOMs-OT Kit

The AusTOMs scales are based on:

  • The Therapy Outcome Measures (UK TOM- Enderby and John, 1997; Enderby, John and Petherham, 1998);
  • The World Health Organization International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (WHO ICF);
  • The input and feedback of Australian clinicians; and
  • The input and feedback of consumers and advocates. Continue reading

Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM)

A nice video demonstrating the administration of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM)


More information about the COPM can be found here:

Florey Occupational Role-Screening Interview

Florey Occupational Role-Screening Interview

Developed by Linda L. Florey, M.A. , OTR, Associate Chief of Rehabilitation Services, Child Division, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute , Los Angeles.

                                                     Image from: University of Southern California – OT dept site

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Allen’s Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS)

Allen’s Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS)

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The screen consists of learning three visual-motor tasks (leather-lacing stitches) with increasingly complex activity demands. Completion of the three tasks requires that the person attend to, understand, and use sensory and motor cues from the material objects (leather, lace, and needles), the administrator’s verbal and demonstrated instructions and cues, and feedback from motor actions while making the stitches. The scores obtained are interpreted using the Allen Cognitive Scale of levels and modes of performance. The screen is available in two forms: the standard Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) and a larger form (LACLS) for persons with vision or hand function problems. Continue reading

Occupational Therapy Functional Report Proforma

This Occupational Therapy Functional Report Proforma is something that I designed about 4 years ago for my personal use as I was finding the current proforma’s less then comprehensive. The proforma is based around the Occupational Performance Model of Australia. Its easily modified should the need arise and results from any additional assessments (i.e. cognitive or sensory) can easily be added into it. Continue reading