What we know:
Occupational therapy is a profession concerned with promoting health and well being through occupation. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life. In the field of mental health, occupational therapists specialise in assessing how an individual’s mental illness impacts on their ability to function in their everyday occupations and roles. Through comprehensive assessment occupational therapists are able to identify an individual’s abilities and limitations and identify the issues that prevent a person from fully participating in their chosen occupations.

 The Predicament:
With OT becoming more and more a global profession it can be difficult for any clinician to keep track of all the skills they need to support someone in learning/relearning to live independently, as well as all the assessments that go along with that, as well as keeping abreast with contemporary practices and exciting new practice ventures. This is compounded by the way OT as a profession has developed around the world. With the original core conecpt of OT different countries with their unique needs and services have moulded the profession to suit their own situation. So how are clinicians meant to keep on top of the Best Practices from around the world?

 The Idea:
The original idea was to start a mental health branch of the Online Technology For Occupational Therapy (OT4OT) Facebook group in order for MH OTs to be able to network and get to know other MH OT’s all over the world. The fact is we are exposed to very different environments and require an exceedingly different skill set to our Physical brethren. With that exclusivity comes the need to share with people who share that knowledge and experience.

But why should the constraints of conversation be set for our networking? why can our networking not include assessment reviews? proforma? research? updates about current projects? and anything else that we want?

 The Aim:
To make a small corner of the internet where Mental Health Occupational Therapists are able to keep abreast of the latest developments in our profession and become more well rounded clinicians through self guided learning and networking.

The Mission:
The even distribution of knowledge.

 The Answer: