WHO Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 (WHODAS 2.0)

Information is from World Health Organisation Website http://www.who.int

WHODAS 2.0 supersedes WHODAS II and is an altogether different instrument that is grounded in the conceptual framework of the ICF. It integrates an individual’s level of functioning in major life domains and directly corresponds with ICF’s ‘activity and participation’ dimensions.


Depending on the information needed, the study design and the time constraints, the user can choose between three versions:

36-item version

Provides most detail
Allows to compute overall and 6 domain specific functioning scores
Available as interviewer-, self- and proxy-administered forms
Average interview time: 20 min.

12-item version

Useful for brief assessments of overall functioning in surveys
Allows to compute overall functioning scores
Explains 81% of the variance of the 36-item version
Available as interviewer-, self- and proxy-administered forms
Average interview time: 5 min.

12+24-item version

Uses 12 items to screen for problematic domains of functioning.
Based on positive responses to the initial 12 items, respondents may be given up to 24 additional questions. Can be administered by interview or computer-adaptive testing (CAT)

Administration modes

Self-administration: A paper-and-pencil version of WHODAS 2.0 can be self-administered.

Interview : WHODAS 2.0 can be administered in person or over the telephone. General interview techniques are sufficient to administer the interview in this mode.

Proxy: Sometimes it may be desirable to obtain a third-party view of functioning such as; family members, caretakers or other observers.

Training in the use of WHODAS 2.0

Detailed information regarding the administration of WHODAS includes standardization, privacy and frames of reference for answering questions. For further information, please refer to the Manual.


WHODAS 2.0 Scoring Information can be found >>>here<<<

WHO is granting free access and use of WHODAS 2.0

If you would like to have a free access, complete online registration form. The information collected through the registration form is helping WHO to improve and share the knowledge base of WHODAS 2.0 applications and keep WHODAS 2.0 users up to date with the latest information and developments of the instrument.

WHODAS 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

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