Florey Occupational Role-Screening Interview

Developed by Linda L. Florey, M.A. , OTR, Associate Chief of Rehabilitation Services, Child Division, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute , Los Angeles.

                                                     Image from: University of Southern California – OT dept site

Psychiatric hospitalization has become telescoped, thus focusing on short-term acute care. Since discharge plans are needed on admission, occupational therapists must evaluate the patient quickly and succinctly . A screening tool was developed as a preliminary device to identify critical information in two major areas: patterns of skills and achievement or patterns of dysfunction in past and current occupational role; and the degree of balance or imbalance between leisure activities and those activities associated with occupational role.

The screening tool, the Occupational Role History, was used in a pilot study on 20 adult inpatients at the UCLA Neuro-psychiatric Institute . The results of the pilot study suggest that this tool is useful in establishing treatment priorities from an occupational therapy perspective.

Florey, L. Michelman, S. (1982) Occupational Role History: A Screening Tool for Psychiatric Occupational Therapy. The American Journal  of  Occupational  Therapy. 36 (5) p301-308

The Florey Occupational Role-Screening Interview



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