Florey Occupational Role-Screening Interview

Developed by Linda L. Florey, M.A. , OTR, Associate Chief of Rehabilitation Services, Child Division, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute , Los Angeles.

                                                     Image from: University of Southern California – OT dept site

Psychiatric hospitalization has become telescoped, thus focusing on short-term acute care. Since discharge plans are needed on admission, occupational therapists must evaluate the patient quickly and succinctly . A screening tool was developed as a preliminary device to identify critical information in two major areas: patterns of skills and achievement or patterns of dysfunction in past and current occupational role; and the degree of balance or imbalance between leisure activities and those activities associated with occupational role.

The screening tool, the Occupational Role History, was used in a pilot study on 20 adult inpatients at the UCLA Neuro-psychiatric Institute . The results of the pilot study suggest that this tool is useful in establishing treatment priorities from an occupational therapy perspective.

Florey, L. Michelman, S. (1982) Occupational Role History: A Screening Tool for Psychiatric Occupational Therapy. The American Journal  of  Occupational  Therapy. 36 (5) p301-308

The Florey Occupational Role-Screening Interview


2 thoughts on “Florey Occupational Role-Screening Interview

  1. Is this blog still active as most postings I see are up to and before 2015. For MH4OT?
    Thank you very much for your article, it’s brilliant and gives that much needed guidance from admission onwards.

    I’m totally new to this blog but as an OT I have never seen such brilliance in one spot. Thanks especially to the creators of this MH4OT blog.

  2. Hello. My name is Debra Smart, and I am a doctoral occupational therapy student with Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. I am respectfully seeking permission to use the Florey Occupational Role Screening Interview in my capstone project/business proposal as a requirement for my doctoral degree, and future therapeutic groups that I will design for domestic violence offenders. I retrieved your information from the MH4OTwebsite. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to use this screening tool in my present and impending endeavors, and hope that you will respond at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Kind regards,

    Debra Smart, MA, MS, OTR/L, LPC, NCC


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