Allen’s Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS)

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The screen consists of learning three visual-motor tasks (leather-lacing stitches) with increasingly complex activity demands. Completion of the three tasks requires that the person attend to, understand, and use sensory and motor cues from the material objects (leather, lace, and needles), the administrator’s verbal and demonstrated instructions and cues, and feedback from motor actions while making the stitches. The scores obtained are interpreted using the Allen Cognitive Scale of levels and modes of performance. The screen is available in two forms: the standard Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) and a larger form (LACLS) for persons with vision or hand function problems.

Purpose: The screen is used to obtain a quick measure of global cognitive processing capacities, learning potential, and performance abilities and to detect unrecognized or suspected problems related to functional cognition.

The following is a video on how to administer the ACLS

The ACLS is available for purchase at SSW


2 thoughts on “Allen’s Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS)

  1. Hi, I am a student OT on placement in an approved centre for mental health. I am currently conducting some research on the use of the Allen Cognitive Level in mental health settings. A lot of the research I have found is old with most of the new research relating to the use of this assessment with people with dementia. Does anyone use this in a mental health setting and if so how do you find it?

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