Occupational Therapy Functional Report Proforma

This Occupational Therapy Functional Report Proforma is something that I designed about 4 years ago for my personal use as I was finding the current proforma’s less then comprehensive. The proforma is based around the Occupational Performance Model of Australia. Its easily modified should the need arise and results from any additional assessments (i.e. cognitive or sensory) can easily be added into it. It was originally developed for use with the Domestic and Community Skills Assessment but has since been used with all kinds of other functional assessments with only minor alterations needed (i.e. some additional questions during assessment). I’ve talked with OT’s who have (as well as myself) have used it in both community,rehab, and inpatient settings without any issues.

The Occupational Performance Model (Australia) [OPM(A)] is one of the models of human occupation and occupational performance that exist around the world. It illustrates the complexity of occupational performance, the scope of occupational therapy practice, and provides a framework for occupational therapy education. The OPM(A) was conceptualized in 1986 primarily by two occupational therapy scholars in Australia, Dr. Christine J. Chapparo and Ms. Judy L. Ranka, who developed it further through several research phases. Information about the model, its development and application first appeared in published form in 1997. Since then, many occupational therapists in Australia and elsewhere have contributed to its development. The OPM(A) website was first launched in 1999 as an academic site to facilitate dissemination of information about the model in a timely manner, to make it accessible to occupational therapists around the world and to encourage dialogue among the international occupational therapy community. It was restructured in 2000, again in 2005 and was re-launched in its present form in 2006.

The model is structured as follows:

It’s common knowledge that every OT has their own style for writing reports and I’m def not saying mine is brilliant and should be conformed to everywhere, but for those still looking for their groove with reports I post this as something to help get the ideas flowing.

Occupational Therapy Functional Assessment Proforma


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