Sensory Profile Scorer

I love the Sensory Profile. But I found that scoring it and then adding up all the thresholds etc and then written a report using the recommendations laid out in the manual could take up to an hour. Do 8 in a week and you’ve spent a whole day scoring Sensory Profiles. In an inpatient setting where time is precious I thought I could make this process quicker and easier. So this is what I came up with.

Sensory Analysis V2.2



17 thoughts on “Sensory Profile Scorer

  1. Hi, I think this is amazing! and would be a life saver for me! How do I access the password so I can use this!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Brock for replying but when i try to enter the data it says that it is read only and you need password to unlock this? I think its excellent.. dying to try it out! 🙂

  3. Hi this looks really good but I cant fill any data pass item 60. I am not sure if I am not looking in the right place?

  4. This is incredible! has anyone modified it for use with the child and/or school sensory profile? I used all three in my iCAMHS practise

  5. Do you know if there is a similar excel sheet available for the Sensory Profile 2? There are infant, toddler, and child age group assessments.

      • Hi! Your form was very useful, but I need the scoring scale for 11-17 year olds. I was trying to change the quadrant summary box in hopes that that would adjust the scoring, but I do not know how? Any hints?

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